A New Concept in Memory Care

White Oak Cottages offer a unique alternative for those who can no longer live at home due to memory impairment. Our cottages stand apart from other assisted living options for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease due to our philosophy of care, unique staffing model, and architecture,  We are part of The Green House® Project, a national movement to improve and transform long term care.

Philosophy of Care

At White Oak Cottages, we emphasize excellence and compassion in every facet of our operation. Our culture honors and respects elders and staff alike. It is committed to following research studies that provide evidence based recommendations for appropriate physical design and programming to create an improved environment for those with dementia or other cognitive impairment.

Unique Staffing Model

The staff members work as a team and run all aspects of the home. This multi-faceted engagement between the staff and elders leads to strong bonds and a deep understanding of each elder. The presence of a nurse 24 hours a day assures that all health issues are monitored and addressed whenever concerns arise.

Features of Home

Each cottage has  a living room, dining room, den, kitchen and twelve private bedrooms with their own bathroom. The small scale eliminates long hallways, making it easier for elders to move independently. The interior layout and décor support the needs of those with memory loss through the use of color and contrast, circular pathways, and bright lighting. The homes offer inviting community spaces, more intimate areas for small gatherings, and the privacy of one’s own bedroom.

The daily rhythms of the cottage are also those of a home. Elders wake up and go to sleep when they want to.  They choose what they want for breakfast each morning.  Depending on the time of day, someone arriving at the home may smell dinner cooking in the oven, see laundry being folded, or hear elders in a group discussion on the topic of the day.


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