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Preparing Children for Visits to Relatives with Dementia

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With the holidays coming up fast, parents should spend some time with their children to prepare them for what they may encounter if they are visiting with a relative with dementia. There is no one message to impart. What a child will want and need to know will depend on Read More…

Planning for Thanksgiving

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With Thanksgiving around the corner, most families are putting together their shopping lists and assigning different dishes for people to bring. If someone in your family has Alzheimer’s, there are some additional considerations that need to be planned in advance to increase the likelihood that everyone will Read More…

Week Long Series on Caring for Our Elderly

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All this week, WGBH in Boston is airing a series entitled You Are Not Alone: Caring for Our Elderly.  The series is an in-depth look at the issues families must address in caring for Read More…

Vision Problems and Alzheimer’s Disease

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People with Alzheimer’s disease can suffer from impaired vision that goes way beyond the age associated challenges of cataracts and yellowed eye lenses.  Caregivers should be alert to these issues so that they can recognize vision-related behaviors and make modifications to give better support.

What kinds of vision Read More…

Peanut Butter: Diagnosing Alzheimer’s in a Jif?

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The news outlets have been buzzing with the results of a clinical test conducted at the University of Florida that has the potential of confirming a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease through smelling peanut butter. Is this a joke or is there evidence to support this claim?

The Read More…

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