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Driving and Alzheimer’s Disease

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Should people diagnosed with cognitive impairment be allowed to drive? Taking away someone’s license not only deprives them of a means of transportation, it deprives them of their independence and their sense of control. On the other hand, Read More…

Get Out Your Old Photo Albums

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photo-256889_640At a recent dinner with a friend, she talked of her Thanksgiving with her mother who has Alzheimer’s disease. “Thank goodness I brought my old scrap books with me. Otherwise, I would have Read More…

Holiday Book Suggestions

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Christmas and Hanukah will soon be upon us! Families living with Alzheimer’s or other memory loss may appreciate receiving a book that helps them understand the disease affecting their lives. I have culled through my own Read More…

Improv for Thanksgiving

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4050056932_7c2543591d_mAre you concerned about how your Thanksgiving holiday will unfold if you are to spend it with someone who has dementia? Many families worry how to respond to relatives who confuse them with their parents, or Read More…

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