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Women and Alzheimer’s Disease

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The Alzheimer’s Association released a report on March 19, 2014 announcing that women at age 65 have a lifetime risk of developing Alzheimer’s that is almost twice the lifetime risk of men at age 65.  This information begs the question why women are more prone to this disease.

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New Theories on Protecting Against Alzheimer’s Disease

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Most scientists consider plaques and tangles in the brain to be the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease.  However, they are still trying to figure out how these plaques and tangles cause brain cells to die.  And we do not yet know why up to 30% of those with plaques and tangles Read More…

Hope for a New Diagnostic Tool

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The focus on much current Alzheimer’s research is on determining if experimental drugs that have failed in past clinical trials will be effective if they are started before people show any clinical symptoms of the disease. There are trials now underway to test this hypothesis.

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