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Benefits of Mediterranean Cooking

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vegetables-545944_640In the past few years, people have claimed a number of foods to have protective properties that guard against the onset of dementia. Most of these claims have not held up to scientific study.

A notable exception is Read More…

Results from the International Alzheimer’s Conference

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AAIC2015The Alzheimer’s Association holds an annual international conference that brings together researchers from around the world to discuss developments in Alzheimer’s research. This year’s conference just ended. Here is a brief overview of what Read More…

Namenda in a Generic Form

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Food_and_Drug_Administration_logo.svgNamenda is designed to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s, especially when paired with donezepil, the generic form of Aricept®. It has been Read More…

White House Conference on Aging Is on Monday

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5129125488_1311a16087_mSince 1961, the White House has sponsored a once-a-decade gathering designed to evaluate where we are as a nation in addressing the current and projected needs of older Americans. In the past, the White House Read More…

Summer Reading for Middle Schoolers

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17297348The goal of most adolescents is to fit in with their peers, even if nursing aspirations that  will set them apart from everyone else.  But when a parent or grandparent has Read More…

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