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Origami48616Still stumped about what to give your loved family member who is living with dementia? Wonder no more! You can give the gift of music. Not just any music, but the music you know your person enjoys.


The Importance of Music

As discussed in a previous blog, people process music differently than they do other types of information. As a result, people with memory loss remember music and lyrics long after they have forgotten names, birthdays and important events. Music helps us all to express and experience emotions that might be otherwise illusive. For those with memory loss, music has the capacity to bring back memories and the positive feelings associated with those times.


The Right Music

However, when you are living in a communal setting, or if you have outside help, the people caring for you may not know what music you like. Even worse, they can play music that you actively do not enjoy or that you associate with troubled times. An opera buff is not likely to enjoy a morning filled with country and western music.


The IPod Solution

This is where an iPod comes in. An iPod shuffle is now available for only $46 at Walmart, and at similar prices at other stores. Once you purchase the iPod, you can go to the Apple itunes library and buy individual songs or albums to upload onto the iPod. The iPod can accommodate ear buds or earphones, so your loved one can listen to music at any time without inconveniencing others around them. Whether you your loved one is still living at home or in a communal setting, an iPod can make a big difference to the quality of the day.


Building a Library Together

Over time, you can build a library of music that you know will bring enjoyment and happy memories. You can make the selection of music part of an activity you do together. By listening to songs together, you will find out which ones really “speak” to your loved one. You may both discover something new that you like too!  This is an activity that younger generations can do well, as they are much more technically savy than their parents.

A personalized iPod is one gift that can bring meaning and joy all year long, a rare gift indeed.



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