Can Alzheimer’s Be Stopped?

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This is the key question that the producers of NOVA will address on PBS stations this Wednesday night, April 13, at 9:00 p.m. This program acknowledges that we do not yet understand what causes this disease, or how to stop it. It reviews the leading theories about the causation of Alzheimer’s, and it provides insights into what we do know about its course, what is being done to unravel its mysteries, and how it impacts families everywhere.

The program reviews major studies underway to determine if certain pharmaceuticals can prevent, slow or delay the course of Alzheimer’s. These trials will take years to complete. They require the enrollment of many subjects that meet the testing criteria, and the passage of time to determine the extent to which the medication may alter the course of the disease. The NOVA program provides some insights into the status of these trials.

Finally, the program presents the human side of this disease of our time. By portraying the challenges of dealing with Alzheimer’s, the public will gain a fuller understanding of the disease, and its impact on patients and their families.  For all those who have been touched by Alzheimer’s, consider tuning in on Wednesday night for an informative update.



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