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In July 2013, National Public Radio showcased the Green House®  homes in Baltimore on “All Things Considered.” The public’s response to this piece was so intense, that it crashed the Green House® Project website. Inquiries poured in, with people wanting to know where these wonderful homes were located, and how they could build one in their own community.

Some insight into the complexity of that question can be viewed next Monday night, May 25 at 7:00 pm, on Boston’s WGBH Channel 2. The station will air a documentary entitled “Homes on the Range.” It showcases the dedication of a group of hard-working community leaders in Sheridan, Wyoming who shared a dream of building a new type of nursing home in their town. They first had to change state legislation to allow a Green House home to be built. They then had to raise the funds, design the buildings, and deal with the crises spawned by the recession in 2009.

The film was produced by Dale Bell, a co-founder of the Media Policy Center, that encourages social innovation by focusing on and promoting citizen led initiatives for change. Set aside the time next Monday to see how a community can come together to build something better: a Green House® home. For a sneak peak, please see below.

Video Credit: Media Policy Center

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