The monthly fee at White Oak Cottages as of January 1, 2019 is $9,975.00, and it includes the services and amenities commonly needed by those with dementia.  While it may seem more expensive than other assisted living residences, we think that when you research fee structures, you will find that White Oak is competitive with other assisted living residences offering dementia care.

Other residences have a “base rate” for room and board and then charge extra for the services that most Alzheimer’s residents need.   White Oak’s monthly fee includes

  • medication management
  • laundry
  • incontinence supplies and care
  • assistance with activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, eating, walking, transferring)

The only items that are not included in the monthly fee are optional cable tv service, special outings, such as tickets or restaurant meals, and one-on-one care for elders with specific, intensive needs.  White Oak’s inclusive pricing promotes transparency and allows families to be confident about the monthly costs.  These fees are set only once a year, as of January 1.

Add up the fees that other residences charge for nursing services, medication management, laundry and personal care.  You will see that White Oaks’ costs are competitive with other assisted living dementia residences.

Download our monthly fees worksheet here.

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