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The Patient’s Playbook: A Recommended Read!

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1449175809424My parents, like many in their generation, had the greatest respect for their doctors and unquestioningly followed whatever course of treatment they recommended. In our home, the doctor always knew Read More…

Summer Reading for Middle Schoolers

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17297348The goal of most adolescents is to fit in with their peers, even if nursing aspirations that  will set them apart from everyone else.  But when a parent or grandparent has Read More…

Summer Reading with Young Children

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6716837375_6899136691_mSummer is the time when many children spend time with their grandparents. It is a time when, if a grandparent has Alzheimer’s, children will become aware of cognitive changes and have many questions. One way Read More…

Remembering Our Fathers

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Jonathan Kozol wrote a reflection about his father in Saturday’s Boston Globe that is well worth the read. He describes the steady losses that Alzheimer’s disease took on his father, a renowned neuropsychiatrist. Any of us who have watched a parent decline with a dementing disease will identify with Read More…

Blue Sky White Clouds

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bookblueskyThere are many books to guide those of us who are caring for patients with dementia. However, there are few books that are written Read More…

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