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A Holiday Gift Idea

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Origami48616Still stumped about what to give your loved family member who is living with dementia? Wonder no more! You can give the gift of music. Not just any music, but the music you know your person Read More…

Planning for Thanksgiving

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6395475383_d3ce083675_mWith Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, it is time to think about how to include those with dementia in the holiday celebration.   Holidays can be wonderful, but stressful for many people. If Read More…

Tapping into the Potential of Television

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8416674320_e653709d42_mMost people living with progressive dementia gradually lose interest in many of the activities that they used to enjoy. The withdrawal can leave the person isolated Read More…

Benefits of Mediterranean Cooking

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vegetables-545944_640In the past few years, people have claimed a number of foods to have protective properties that guard against the onset of dementia. Most of these claims have not held up to scientific study.

A notable exception is Read More…

Blue Sky White Clouds

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bookblueskyThere are many books to guide those of us who are caring for patients with dementia. However, there are few books that are written Read More…

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